Please call, text or e-mail Melissa at  # 630-365-6792 Cell# 630-710-4373 or for puppy availability and info.

 Please clear your schedule to pick up your puppy on the week-end they are ready to go. If you can not we will pick  your puppy and you will be charged $10 per day  until pick-up

 PLEASE, we need all deposits to include: puppy's sex, color, name of mother, phone number and current address (if  address is different than on your check, then write  a note)  Please call Melissa to confirm that you are sending a deposit check.  Final payment in cash due at time of pick-up.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.




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 Wisconsin State licensing law.  License # 512820-DS  PASSED INSPECTION Nov 2022
 Illinois Dept. of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Health & Welfare # 6769

At Lakeview Golden's we breed Golden Retrievers that we have carefully chosen to produce family companions with excellent temperaments, good conformation, and that are intelligent and easy to train. We particularly strive for a pedigree that is a mixture of field and show breeding.

Our dogs are all AKC registered, have had their eyes checked by a dog ophthalmologist for genetic problems and have their OFA certification or a prelim x-ray on their hips, elbows, and hearts.
All puppies are picked up at 8 weeks or older in compliance with Illinois state law.

We sell our pet puppies with a limited registration from AKC, this means that you will need to get your pet either spayed or neutered. We do occasionally sell puppies with a full registration.   Please let us know if you are interested in breeding, so we can recommend a litter and go over the responsibilities of breeding. We provide support on how to care for your new family member and are always available to help answer any questions that may arise as your new puppy grows.

All of our golden puppies are socialized with our families, have had their first set of puppy shots and are wormed twice. They are vet checked prior to being placed in their new homes. 

Puppies will be picked up in Elburn, 50 miles west of Chicago, Illinois.

Puppies are reserved with a non-refundable $100 deposit in the order they are received.  Remaining price of puppy must be paid in cash.

All sales must be approved by Brandon Stover.

Bringing a new puppy into your family is a big decision that requires lots of thought, it is a long-term-commitment to love and care for your new puppy.  New puppies require lots of care, training, toys and regular veterinary visits, to maintain proper health.  Be sure that you have considered all the aspects and expenses of dog ownership before purchasing one of our babies.

Please remember puppies are living animals and are subject to health problems even when there is no history of this problem in their background.


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