Cheyenne                                               Carol                                                       Tammie

                ​Lakeview is a family kennel and here is our team:                   



Sandy                                                   Ashleigh                                                 Ellahbee        

Rose                                                   Betty                                                          Matt

     Tammie                                                     Jaz                                                       Brad

Dak                                                          Jaz                                                            Brad

We have been raising goldens for over 25 years. Experience does matter. Our goldens are a combination of show and field pedigrees. We breed goldens with a calm, loving temperament that are easily trained to be outstanding hunting dogs or intelligent family companions. Our dogs live in large gravel kennels with their dog houses in building to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Dogs are exercised daily in our 5 acre fenced yard or our 1 1/2 acre fenced yard. The dogs are given many toys and bones in their kennels to play with. They are vaccinated yearly and are given heart worm preventive monthly. Females are bred the 1st time at  1 1/2 years old or older. They are retired around 7 years old. They are then spayed and placed in a loving family home. 


LakeView Goldens

Puppies are whelped in a heated house-like building so we can provide them with clean and sanitary environment. Females close to whelping and newborn puppies are checked on every 2 hours day and night, to insure correct temperature and keep moms settled and the puppies nursing. We do stimulation exercises once a day the first 7 days of the puppies life. Each exercise is done for 5 seconds.

1. tickle between the toes  2. hold puppy with head pointed down  3. hold puppy with head held erect  4. hold puppy on its back in my hand  5. lay puppy on cold concrete. 

We start feeding our puppies at 3 weeks old. They are taken out of the whelping box at 4 weeks old and put in a large pen with shavings for bedding. Puppies are cleaned twice daily right after they are fed.  Puppies have many different kinds of toys to play with. Socializing starts at birth and continues thru the 8 weeks we have the puppies. At 4 weeks we start weaning the mom, this takes many weeks for her to stop producing milk and missing the pups. At 5 weeks weather permitting, we start taking the puppies outside. We have 3 large puppy yards for them to play in. Below are pictures of the puppy building and play yards.


       Sandy                                                    Ashleigh                                                Ellahbee

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